Automatic Weather Station Design

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WIMEA-ICT AWS Prototype is composed of 4 sets of nodes, which communicate wirelessly using IEEE 802.15.4 Protocol. The first Generation Prototype is in Bergen. Gen2 prototypes are being set up in Uganda, South Sudan and Tanzania. The AWSs each have 4 nodes including

  • 10m Node
    This is placed 10m from the ground and measures solar insolation, wind speed and Direction
  • 2m Node:
    The node is placed 2m from the ground and measures air temperature and Relative Humidity
  • Ground Node:
    Placed near the ground and measures soil temperature and moisture
  • Sink Node:
    Receives packets sent from all nodes and saves them to the Raspberry Pi. The sink Node together with the Raspberry Pi form a gateway. The main purpose of the gateway is transmit  received weather parameters over any chosen uplink option eg. Using Ethernet

Below are the Devices being used


Ongoing Activities

  •  Setting up Gen2 Prototypes in Uganda, Tanzania and South Sudan
  • Testing of 3D printed Pagodas
  • Testing of Alternative Uplink Options
  • Designing a low Power Gateway to substitute the RaspBerry Pi in Off the Grid Areas

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