Triphonia Ngailo

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PO Box 97845 Baker st. 567, Los Angeles, California, US.



About Triphonia Ngailo

1. Research topic: Statistical Modelling of Extreme Rainfall Variability in Tanzania
2. Research questions:
i. Can Extreme value Analysis, statistically portrays well the probability distributions of extreme rainfall variability in Tanzania.
ii. Given daily observations of recorded rainfall of at least 30 years, what is the return levels for next 50 and 100 years?
iii. Can Weather Research and Forecasting model (WRF) with a higher resolution simulate accurately the extreme rainfall events in Tanzania?
iv. Does there exist a correlation between the projections of extreme rainfall simulated by WRF and those derived from observational data?
3. Supervisors
i. Dr. N. Shaban, Department of Mathematics, University of Dar-es-salaam
ii. Dr. Edwin Rutalebwa, General Studies Department, Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology
iii. Prof. Dr. Joachim Reuder, Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen- Norway
iv. Dr. Michel d.S. Mesquita, Uni Research Climate, Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, University of Bergen- Norway

Lecturer, Reseacher, Consultant and Head of the Centre of Excellency in ICT