Mathew Stiller-Reeve

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PO Box 97845 Baker st. 567, Los Angeles, California, US.


+8 (800) 659-2684





About Mathew Stiller-Reeve

Mathew is a PhD student at the University of Bergen and Uni Research in Norway. His research covers the monsoon in Bangladesh. Together with his colleagues, they try to reconcile societal perceptions with the scientific definitions of monsoon.
Reeve also works with science communication and in particular science writing and is the founder of ClimateSnack, a community of early career climate scientists who work together to improve their writing and communication skills. They aim to integrate the WIMEA-ICT researchers into this community. This will improve project outreach and chances of successful high-impact publications. Find out more about ClimateSnack on the website He is looking forward to working with the WIMEA-ICT project!

Lecturer, Reseacher, Consultant and Head of the Centre of Excellency in ICT