Mary Nsabagwa

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PO Box 7062, Kampala


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About Mary Nsabagwa

1. Research topic: Towards Layer Alteration free Cross-Layer Design for Energy reduction in Duty Cycled Wireless Sensor Networks
2. Research questions:
i. How much energy saving can be realized from optimizing transport layer in a duty cycle-aware Wireless Sensor Network?
ii. What parameters used in Cross-Layer design offer minimal layer alteration?
iii. What opportunities and Challenges exist in implementing Cross-Layer Design at either sender, receiver side or both?
iv. What performance benefits does the proposed Cross-Layer optimization offer?
3. Supervisors
i. Dr. Julianne Sansa Otim, College of Computing and Information Sciences, Makerere University.
ii. Dr. Richard Okou, College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology, Makerere University.
iii. Prof. Bjorn Pehrson, Prof Emeritus, KTH, Sweden

Lecturer, Reseacher, Consultant and Head of the Centre of Excellency in ICT