Prof. Joachim Reuder

Postal Address:

University of Bergen, Postboks 7803



About Prof. Joachim Reuder

Prof. Reuder will coordinate the Research Component 1: building Numerical Weather Prediction Models for Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan as well as the East African Region.
Joachim Reuder is a Professor in Experimental Meteorology and Deputy Head of Department at the Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen, Norway. He has more than 20 years of experience in atmospheric boundary layer research among others in the fields of turbulence and turbulent exchange processes, air-sea interaction, atmospheric radiation, and the effects of orography on the wind field and precipitation. In the last couple of years, he is intensively working on the marine atmospheric boundary layer under the aspect of offshore wind energy installations. In this context he is leading the work package on Met-Ocean measurements in the Norwegian Center for Environmentally-Friendly Energy Research NORCOWE and the national Norwegian offshore wind energy related infrastructure projects EFOWI and OBLO.

His group is continuously improving and operating the Small Unmanned Meteorological Observer SUMO as ‘controllable and recoverable radiosonde’ for meteorological research.
You can find more information on his webpage at the University of Bergen:

Boundary layer meteorology:

  • surface atmosphere interactions and exchange processes in the polar boundary layer
  • determination of energy and mass fluxes by profile and eddy-correlation method
  • development and use of small unmanned aircrafts for atmospheric profiling
  • studies on the marine atmospheric boundary layer with respect to offshore wind energy applications
  • wind-wave interaction

Orographic effects:

  • fine-scale measurement and modelling of orographic induced precipitation variability
  • investigations on dynamics and thermodynamics of banner clouds
  • diurnal boundary layer circulation systems and flow modification by orography

Solar UV radiation:

  • measurement and modelling of solar UV radiation
  • photobiological and photochemical effects of UV radiation
  • reconstruction of UV radiation for the past decades
  • future scenarios of UV radiation


  • Dr. rer. nat., Technical University Cottbus (BTU), Germany, 1999
    Title of thesis: “
  • Diploma (corresponding to MSc) in Meteorology, University of Munich (LMU), 1991