Andrew Mwesigwa

Postal Address:

PO Box 7062, Kampala

About Andrew Mwesigwa

Andrew and a team from the University Library will be responsible for Research Component 2; digitising the manual weather records in Uganda into an electronic weather data repository to ensure reliable, accurate and well-formatted data for seasonal weather forecasts and climate research.

He is an Academic Librarian working in the Digitization Section at the Makerere University Library. The Digitisation Section is responsible for managing the Makerere University Institutional Repository. He holds a Masters in Information Systems and a Bachelors in Library and Information Science from Makerere University.

Andrew previously worked as the Librarian/Website Manager for Makerere University Institute of Environment and Natural Resources.

1. Research topic: Modeling the value of meteorological information to health care policy analysis in resource-constrained environments

2. Research questions:

i. Why have climate data digitization efforts (in Uganda) been unsustainable so far?

ii. What is the return on investment from the whole range of subsystems within meteorological data services including data generation, processing, storage/archival, retrieval and dissemination?

iii. Which variables (and corresponding data) provide useful information leading to (sustainable) resource mobilization for meteorological services

3. Supervisors

i. Dr. Agnes R. Semwanga, College of Computing and Informations Sciences, Makerere University

ii. Dr. Fiona Tulinayo, College of Computing and Informations Sciences, Makerere University.

Lecturer, Reseacher, Consultant and Head of the Centre of Excellency in ICT