Weather Data Repositories

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Facilitating the digitization of manual weather records (through a customized digitization programme), which is suitable for the E. African context in view of weather data management needs empirically assessed.

As a data rescue strategy for Uganda, WIMEA-ICT project has initially facilitated the imaging/scanning of 6000 manually recorded paper-based weather records. This is the first stage of digitization. In 2015, WIMEA-ICT project provided digitization equipment (mobile handheld & A3 automatic document feeder/flatbed scanners). The WIMEA-ICT team trained and supervised the digitization exercise at the Uganda National Meteorological Authority (UNMA).



Design, install and commission customized Weather Data Repository (WDR) software package that integrates digitized old manual and formally scattered weather data, current manually observed data, and data from automatic weather stations being designed by RC3. The WDR will provide real time weather data as input into Research Component 1 to facilitate weather forecasting/climate modeling and into RC4’s designed weather dissemination systems. Link to the web version of the WDR beta version:

Research part of RC2:

Sustainability, resilience and feasibility investigation of the requirements of integration and management of digital weather data management systems.

This PhD study will explore issues dealing with resource, capacity and organisational change requirements for the digitization transition and sustaining digital weather data management systems. Study results in form of a computer-based dynamic simulation model to provide a guide to policy makers in meteorological agencies and related stakeholders.


  1. Dr. Agnes Rwashana Semwanga (Mak)
  2. Mr. Andrew Mwesigwa (Mak)
  3. Mr. Daudi Mboma (DIT)
  4. Dr. Julianne Sansa (PI, Mak)
  5. Prof. Dr. Joachim Reuder (UiB)
  6. Miss. Martha Nakuwanda

Other Contributors

  • Okwii Stanley
  • Kasozi Mulondo Moses
  • Mutesasira Jovan
  • Kyebambe Sarah

Benchmarking on digitization of weather data

A benchmarking visit to the University of Nairobi and the Kenya Meteorological Department revealed a need for other East African meteorological agencies (stakeholders of the WIMEA-ICT project) to benchmark and revisit their workflow processes for manual data digitisation. And Repository requirements for a customized weather data repository. Link to

WIMEA-ICT project carried out a survey, which revealed the urgent need to digitize the fast-deteroriating paper-based old weather records and those, which are presently manually observed and recorded on paper and stored in the weather archives. Link to

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